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Bhagyanagar - Guru Films founder and producer of critically acclaimed and commercially successful film Oh! Baby - Sunitha Tati’s’ next, an English language international film Arrangements of Love is selected in the International Financing Forum (IFF) by ‘Ontario Creates’ at the prestigious 46th Toronto International Film Festival 2021.

Arrangements of Love is the sole Asian film selected among 41 films from across the world in the IFF which will be held virtually on 13-14 September 2021.

Adapted from the acclaimed novelist Timeri N. Murari’s bestselling novel the film will be directed by Outlander and Downton Abbey famed filmmaker and Bafta awarded writer-director Philip John.

“Arrangements of Love’ takes us on a travel with a Welsh-Bharatiya man on his conquest to find his estranged father with an impromptu visit to his homeland, a story that follows the tranquillity of love and the journey of an unencumbered man in search for the warmth of family.

Co-written by Philip John and the Nimmi Harasgam and produced by Sunitha Tati, the film is to be shot in Bharat and Wales.

The film will wrap its post-production in Wales with collaborations from renowned production house Gelert TV for Edit & Grading, Bang Post Production for Sound Dub, and Deian Humphreys for Sound Design

Guru Films founder and producer Sunitha Tati says, “Having traveled with this book for over 15 years and seeing this dream project come to life has been a remarkable journey. It has been an enriching experience to kick off this journey with the expressive and all-knowing Timeri, the writer of the book. As we went along, working with the multitalented director/writer Phil and perceptive writer Nimmi who have added so much to the project for it to take the next leap in storytelling.”

Sharing his best wishes for the project, the Baahubali: The Beginning star Rana Daggubati says, “Arrangements of love is an Bharatiya international production. It’s new age global cinema at its best from us. With top notch Technicians, 2 time BAFTA awarded writer/director - Phil John , this project looks promising ! Congratulations to the whole team for this step that puts the South Bharatiya film industry on the global map. I wish Sunitha Tati and our team, Best of luck at Ontario Creates IFF.”

The Welsh director Philip John says, “Both Nimmi and I are thrilled that our project, into which we have poured the most vital of our internal organs, has been chosen to attend this distinguished TIFF forum. My very first short film was a father–son story, and I am beyond excited that my second feature length movie will return to this arena. As a film-maker, I look forward to a genuinely international co production between Wales and India with Sunitha Tati and Guru”

“The Arrangements of Love is an intricate and subtle exploration of love; quirky and oddball it tells of the characters all looking for something – and hidden under their stories is the search for love, in its many guises. Love, after all, is the raft we all cling to in this very lonely sea in which we exist. Without it, everything else is meaningless” adds the novelist Timeri N Murari.

About Philip John

Hailing from the rugged coastlines to lush fields, Philip John is a critically awarded director. His passion for the screens helped him get his postgraduate short SuckerFish nominated for The BAFTA Awards. Some of his acclaimed work includes three seasons of Downton Abbey, Marvel’s Iron Fist, and Outlander among many others.

About Sunitha Tati and Guru Films

Sunitha Tati, a graduate of George Mason University and NYU, an ebullient woman who is on a mission to weave and tell stories from diverse cultures through Guru Films. Guru Films is an established Content driven production house from Bhagyanagar, Telangana, Bharat. which is set to leave a mark not only nationally, but globally as well.


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