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Composer-singer Sundeep Gosswami has been a part of the music industry for quite some time, but it was the success of his track ‘Kaal Ke Hain Mahakal’ that shot him to fame. The emerging artiste accredits his success to Lord Shiva and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as the latter contributed to making Gosswami a star overnight.

“A video, in which Narendra Modi is seen enjoying my track during the Dev Deepawali celebration in Kashi, was posted on internet by the PM himself. Thereafter, every renowned minister (Smriti Irani, Piyush Goyal and many more), as well as commoners, shared the song, and within no time it went viral, receiving more than 30 million views,” tells Sundeep, who is overwhelmed with the response.

Sharing his excitement of becoming immensely popular in the blink of an eye, Sundeep says, “When the PM shared this video, I had no idea that something of this sort has happened. It was only after I started receiving messages on Twitter and YouTube, I got to know about it. Not just Indians, people from across the world contacted me to appreciate my work (track). I can’t thank him (Narendra Modi) enough for sharing the video."

"He is a hard-core Shiv Bhakt and so am I. And I feel, the connection both of us have with the creator of this universe is what worked here,” he adds.

Sundeep is currently working on ‘Damru Jo Baaje’, another song in the praise of Lord Shiva. The artiste says that besides feeding his soul with such songs, he aims to bring a change in the way youngsters look at ‘devotional songs’. “I want to create songs that appeal to the millennials of the country. My work should evoke their spirits while catering to their taste in music,” he concludes.

In the past, he has composed hits like ‘Baarish Lete Aana’ By Darshan Raval , Holiyaa Mein Ude Rang Lal Lal Re by Dev Negi & Payal Dev & Dil Beparwah By Jonita Gandhi & Jubin Nautiyal.

Also, he is working on another track 'Dildari', second part of ‘Chal Koi Gal Nai’, which will be released at Pulse Music India Youtube Channel. The song will be sung by A-Jay M and will feature social media celebs like Arishfa Khan & Lucky Dancer.

Besides, a couple Of Bollywood films & web series are also in the line.


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