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First Indian Short Film to showcase and win an Award at Cannes Film Festival

Carving the name of the trophy of - Planos Film Festival, Portugal- Special Honorable Mention, Dublin Internation Short Film And Music Festival- Best Edit, Flying Elephant Film Festival, Kerala- Best International Live Action Short Film, Lights, Camera, Take Action Film Festival, Colorado- Best Short Film, Nuren Film Festival,Singapore- Best Short Film-Asia, Movievalley Bazzacinema, Bologna, Italy- Best International Short Fiction Film, Louisiana International Film Festival, Usa- Best International Live Action Short Film, Humboldt International Film Festival (Arcata,California)-Finalist Film, Industry Boost Competition, Florida- Finalist Film, Los Angeles Cine Fest- Semi Finalist Film. Director & Producer Venika Mitra glorified the Indian flag on International soil by presenting her short film "ALL I WANT"- story of a journey of human audacity in the whimsical garb of life at Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase, an independent grassroots movement promoting the presence of globally diverse filmmakers telling stories specific to age, gender, physical ability, race, religion and sexual orientation, annually at the Cannes Film Festival " This is my debut directorial film. As an independent filmmaker when I decided to make my very first short film I didn’t have a producer on board. I decided to go ahead and produce the film myself. It was a very intimidating task at first. I made this film by pulling off a crowd funding from my friends and family. They supported me tremendously in my first endeavor as a filmmaker. I’m deeply thankful to the magnanimity of everyone involved in this film"

A graduate in Bachelors in Mass Media and Mass Communication from Delhi University, Venika Mitra was totally enamored by the thing called cinema and wanted to know how films are made "After passing out from in 2008 I came to Mumbai. I always wanted to work in films. I have been working as an assistant director in Hindi Film industry since 2008. I have worked at all sorts of levels on a film set, learning at every stage, slowly graduating to become a First A.D of a film unit. I realized there is no right time to make your own film until it’s the ‘right time’. So I wrote this story and decided to make my first short film. I knew I had a good story. But I also knew that I had no funds to make my first short film. I started a personal crowd funding effort by asking money, from my close friends from school and college. I have taken all sorts of obligation to complete this film. I owe money to a few crew members for this film. All that will be 'too much information' to be included here. I'm thankful for the magnanimity of all the people associated with this film. This film for me is a product of human beneficence and reinforcement"

"ALL I WANT" is the story of a purposeful, single minded and unwavering pursuit, of a street urchin Ratan, to buy one mango. Ratan is a 7-8 years old incorrigible and aimless street bum; who rambles through an entire day to buy one mango. The only money he has is 9 bucks. The mango seller he asks, ridicules him while telling the prices of all the varieties of mangoes available. Ratan knows he is short of 10 bucks to buy this mango. In his struggle of buying this mango, the very audacious Ratan does whatever he can; and thus begins Ratan’s wild goose chase to get 10 bucks more.

Written & Directed By- Venika Mitra; Cinematography- Sarthak Johar; Editor- Gurmmeet Singh; Sound Design- Resul Pookutty CAS,MPSE & Vijay Kumar; D.I At & Colorist- Pixel D & Jayadev Tiruveaipati; Music- Anurag Saikia; Costume- Hazel Paul; Produced By- Post Pickle;

Cast- Ballu A. Panchal, Bansari, Atteet Bhandari, Kamal D. Khatak, Vidya Raj Sharma, Madhu, Nirmala Venkatesan, Deepak Kalra, Digvijay Nikam, Gauri Chandrra, Aaryan Chandrra, Shyam Chandrra, Hemant Rathi, Kailash Shah; Casting- Maatra; Assistant Directors- Deepak Preenja, Hemant rathi, Ashish Nigam; Associate Editor- Jeetu Rall; Art Team- Abhijeet Shreshth, Rajesh Koli, Parshuram K. Thakur; Subhash Vishkarma, Mohammad Zakir; Dressman- Parvez Khan, Abbas Ali; Make Up-Lahu Ramesh Jadhav; Choreographer- Kushal Digan, Sugat S. Gamre;

Assistant Choreographer- Chinmay Kurtadkar, Denish Satra; Camera- Devkaran Nivergi, Di7 Studios Audio Video Production, Munna Kesari, Ravipratap Mishra, Deepak Valvi, Zoo Grips- Melwin Dmello & Ommen Jacob, Big Screen Entertainment, Mahendra Samantha, Rajesh Pandey, Sanjay Yadav, Sanjay Prasad; Sound- Resul Pookutty CAS,MPSE & Bibin Dev, Resul Pookutty CAS,MPSE, Vijay Kumar, Sampath Alwar, Mustaq Shaikh, Q lab, Racchit Malhotra, Pragyan Gogoi/Paarth Pandey, Deepak Preenja, Sonal Khopade, Sumit Suri, Baby Misba, Baby Ariba, Varun Visoi, Vijay Kumar, Karnal Singh, Sajjan Chawdhary & Gupta, Canaries Post Sound, Aradhana Sound Service and Q lab, Reema Diwale & Mahadev;

Music- Accoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar/ Nylon String- Ishan Das; Accoustic Base- Sukumar Dutta; Music Design- Bhaskar Sarma; Music mix @ Rudra Digital Studio; Spot Boys- Pawan Kumar Rai, Mohammad Shahadat Ali; Catering- Tirupati Hospitality; Subtitles By- Isha Yadav; Special Thanks- Gurmmeet Singh, Ninad Nayampally, Sanjeev Joshi, Amitava Singha, Tejas Karguppikar, Aneessh Kumar, Saurabh Khurana, Spark A Change Foundation NGO, CRMM India Casting Studio.


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